Hope for Growth

In my artwork, I tried to convey my hopes in 2022. I hope that I can grow as a photographer and as a gardener. As a hobby, I grow many plants(including strawberries, blueberries, and marigolds) in my little garden. Whenever I plant something new, It gives me something to hope/look forward to because the plants growth are a direct result of how I take care of the plants. I wanted to convey growth through an artistic way, so I had branches on top of my subject to represent personal growth. In similar way to gardening, personal growth is a direct result of how you act and how you look at things.

My Body

This piece is about women’s reproductive rights. Recently the U.S. government has begun to question the rights that a woman has in relation to her own body. This artwork is inspired by the overall hypocrisy of the U.S. government. Often the attempt to reassure women that it is their body and choice, is overshadowed by states passing laws that chip away at women’s rights. The female figure is missing a uterus in order to represent how much of a woman’s body is actually hers in the eyes of the government. The amount of body she has control over. The tattoos represent the choice she can make about her body and life. She can choose a tattoo but may not have choices about her uterus.

Missing Kids of Color Diary PSA

The diary entry part of the video was inspired by a 90s American Sitcom called “Moesha”. Our submission brings justice to the kids and teens of color who get kidnapped or taken everyday; no one ever speaks about them, and they rarely receive any news coverage. Furthermore, if they were white, then way more people would have heard about them.

The Same Cloth

My piece is a poem I wrote about my struggles with self-harm. The piece is specifically about dealing with the reactions of my parents in regards to finding out my first time and my relapses. I think this relates to hope because while the poem does read as something very serious, the fact that I am still here today and have worked through my issues enough to share them with the world shows that it is possible to get better.

Hope to Hug

2021 was a year without hugs. It denied us of smiles, and it denied us the ability to personally connect with one another. This new year I hope to see hugs- and with it, happiness for myself, for my friends and family, and for my community. Hugs are warm and comforting- and I hope that soon, we are able to experience this without worry of illness or infection from the virus.

My Hopes of Peace

My submission tells my hopes for 2022. The idea was to visually show the world being fixed. In my drawing we see the world with a smile on his face as a mask starts to tear away. At the top the numbers 2022 are fixing and putting the world back together. I believe 2022 has a lot of potential to help everyone stay positive. During 2020 to 2021 I felt like Everything was falling apart with the pandemic and I’m hoping that in 2022 we can all be fixed and celebrate by spending time with our loved ones.

The Best Year Yet to Come

Our PSA video is about overcoming the struggle of not being able to socialize or do normal things with our peers because of the pandemic. We encourage the audience to get vaccinated so that things can finally go back to normal in 2022. This relates back to our hopes for 2022 which is being able to see our friends normally and having a real graduation ceremony in person.

Happiness is Contagious

This entry is about how my hopes for 2022 are to be happy and confident in myself. I believe that when I am happy, I can help out my friends and family and help lift them know.

Hope Within My Walls

My visual art is a representation of how I find hope and brightness in today’s events. I feel safe and hopeful within a creative environment. I love to paint and sing along all types of music because they’re platforms that unite all people. It connects us, just like the internet. Because of the pandemic, we seem to find ourself easily hopeless and alone but the internet is a tool that has granted us the ability to connect with all different people. This is why I incorporated all these concepts into one. I wanted to demonstrate how unity and effort leads us to a hopeful and brighter tomorrow.

This is 2020

Every human being in the year 2020 has felt the wide effects of injustice and hopelessness, and I wanted to write something that I can look look back on if ever we do move forward from 2020.