Cracks of Boundary

In this artwork, I aspire to instill a feeling of hope; as although the figure is presented with limited categories to force themself into, they still chose to be themself. I dually aim that this instills hope amongst those who have been faced with a similar scerio, who feel alone in their struggles. I hope those who do not struggle with such issues feel a call to action—to emotiolly support those struggling and help the reform of gender & gender norms within our society.


This piece is about the hope and resilience of the Ukrainians in the War raged by Russian leader, President Vladimir Putin. When the war first began many photographers and jourlists captured the devastation and shock of Ukrainians. A photo was captured of a woman awaiting a train out of Kyiv. The way her hands were held together and the way she looked made me want to understand her emotions. She looked terrorized by the uncertainty of her country’s situation. But later this year, as the war unfolds the morale of the Ukrainians shows power. Once predicted not to even last 3 months, they have lasted almost 10 and counting. The Ukrainian people had hope and something to fight for. I think this women embodies both the terror and the flickering hope that has overrun Ukraine.

Hope in us

Our submission is about ideas to give you hope while going through a though time. We provided a few tips with tangible actions to take. The idea was to ensure that students have an opportunity to have “toolkit” in case of needing help.

Getting Over the Hurdles in Life

My entry is about what I do to get through hard times in life and what I believe will help you get through those dark times. I also provide examples of what one might have to go through and how to keep on going even though it is hard sometimes. It could give readers hope and can motivate one to keep pushing even when things get rough.

What is Hope?

Our video is meant to show what others think hope is or what they are hoping for. We hope that people will feel encouraged by this to share their hope with the world and not be scared to show their hopes and dreams.

You Have Me :)

My entry is about my friend called Ava who’s been stressing out about her school work and extracurriculars. I want her to know that I will always be by her side and support her no matter what. And I hope through listening to this song, she can feel better and keep going.


This paint reflects what my mind was going through while I was sick.

What Gives Me Hope?

The bubble with words provides what gives that person hope to move forward. No matter how hard life got, those were their inspiration to keep going. The door represents the future and the good it will hold.

Angry monument

I allow myself to display my anger through my art. I remind myself I am more than a mental illness by telling myself I am creative, artistic and inventive. I have been learning how to cope with my mental illness by creating beautiful things through my artwork.


Love is being held by trees, hoping to rise above everything else. Despite the pain there is still a sky.