For the Forgiveness of Sins

This piece reflects a rekindling of my spiritual relationship: reflections on my body, and my self, and how both found love, and Christ, too.

Oil pastel Cat

This piece of art was my first oil pastel project. My piece of art expressed the beauty and color of art and I hope to bring awareness in hopes that other people find art as a way to express themselves.

My Story

This short tik tok video depicts a part of my life where I was struggling for four years and then finally found happiness. The loss of loved ones and the four mental hospitals I’ve been to due to depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety doesn’t stop me from being happy. While working on this piece I realized how far I’ve come in life- overcoming those difficult challenges and all the hard work finally paid off.

Changing Hearts

I wrote this poem because we never know what other people are going through. So many people have been through a lot of struggles in life (mental health struggles, family struggles, etc.), including me, so we need to be kind to one another. I hope this poem helps inspire teenagers that have struggled in life to always have hope.

White Noise

A film about a youth feeling overwhelmed by the ‘noise’ of present day society – from social media, the needs of their friends, and world events.

The Black Dot

My poem discusses feelings people feel while experiencing suicidal thoughts and depression.

Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

The poem provides ideas and insight on ways you can find hope in dark times. It advises readers to never stop searching for hope and that the reader is not alone.

Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

I chose this category because I know many people who struggle to find the good in life. I wrote it in the hope of advocating to look for the good. Through this project I too learned how to better look for the good in life.

Living Hope

COVID-19 has created anxiety, fear, and uncertainty among the majority. COVID-19 is responsible for the many hardships people are facing. There are less jobs, limited money and food, and many events are cancelled, delayed, or removed. A message of hope is needed to spark a new beginning, so I’ve presented this film to hopefully inspire and encourage at least one person. I want people to watch this and be optimistic about the future and have hope, no matter the circumstances.