Hope and Justice

A New Hope

This film that shares the experiences of students returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep Swimming

“This film is meant to capture an experience and feeling shared by many when transitioning back to a normal schedule. Change is uncomfortable, even if it’s for the better.”

The Way it Was

“When tasked with recalling their childhoods, two teegers struggle to see the value in the future. With working together, overcoming adversity, and starting meaningful conversations, they find what ‘hope’ is to them.”

What Gives You Hope

“Our submission is a TikTok that shows an array of people speaking about what gives them hope in their everyday lives.”

Finding Hope

“I interviewed a fellow classmate to see what she was looking forward to in the new year.”

2022 in Words

“Not only did this category assist me in creating my own persol goals, but it also helped my community share their own.”

wish I was here

“I chose this category because I’ve been missing exploring the world so my hopes are for this new year is to travel the world.”

My hopes for ‘22

“I made a short TikTok about the hopes I have for the new year and the three things that are the most important to me. This includes my friends, sports, and my dog.”

Our 2022 Goals

“I decided to choose this category because I was curious with what my classmates’ goals or hopes were in this coming year, whether that’s exercising, taking on a new hobby, or maintaining their core values.”