Health Decoded


The drawing is about how I cope with stress and life’s dilemmas – by listening to music, drawing, and seeing the beauty of nature. With all of these combined, the world seems to be more colorful. Without them, my world always seems to be in black and white.

Self Reflection.

This piece is about the importance of self reflection, and how it can even be therapeutic at times. Whenever I am braving a difficult time it can be really refreshing to just sit down and process it. It’s really just talking to yourself and showing yourself compassion like you would any other person going through difficult times. This strategy helped me a lot with self love and processing my emotions. In the end it made me a lot more honest with myself and I learned that if you learn to love yourself and be friends with yourself you’ll never be lonely.

Talk to someone when needed

It helps students reach out to other students or someone they trust to be able to talk about their feelings or something there struggling with so they don’t have to bottle it up.

Illuminating Hope in the Shadows

This piece serves as a visual reminder inspiring viewers to find hope even in the darkest moments and encouraging them to reflect on their experiences. It invites them to embrace resilience, believe in their own strength, and hold onto the unwavering light of hope.


Anchors come in different shapes and sizes. Your anchor might not be the same as someone else’s, but that doesn’t matter – if it makes you happy, it’s for you. Taking care of yourself is important, so don’t change your anchor to fit in. I think it’s important for people to understand their anchors or things they do for fun might be different from other people.

Finding Strength

My poem paints a picture of finding refuge in nature’s embrace, seeking solace beneath the starry sky, losing oneself in the world of literature, and finding comfort in the arms of loved ones. It illustrates the interconnectedness of human experience with the natural world and the power of relationships in providing support and encouragement.

What gives me hope

My entry has to do which what gives me hope in life, so I did a poem on how playing softball and being with friends and family help me when im overwhelmed.

James’s helping hands

My piece is about James finding a place were he can express himself and feel safe and comfortable.

My Escape From Stress

This entry is an essay about someone who helps me come back to earth when I am upset. Writing this was a way to express gratitude for my best friend.