Find Your Anchor

The First Thing I Do When I Get Home

“An anchor doesn’t have to be one thing, and it doesn’t have to be one hundred. Anchors are whatever you want them to be as long as you feel they’re helping you be the best version of yourself you can be.”

Find Your Anchor

“During times of stress, I find myself either wanting to be active or make any form of art […] I made my entry to share what my anchors are and hopefully inspire others to find their anchors as well. […] Now that I know what my main anchors are, I can go to them whenever I need to. It makes me feel organized and prepared knowing that I can always go do these things and come back feeling better.”

What Anchors Me

“For this contest, I decided to talk about boxing because it’s something thing that helps me with whatever I am going through and hopefully others. I chose to talk about boxing because it’s a great way to deal with stress and anxiety.”


“I wanted to emphasize the importance of the beauty of nature. There’s so much tranquility in our world, and I know that if we took the time to appreciate it, the calamity of our problems would seem like a star in space [by] comparison.”

My Anchor

“My mom has been able to keep me grounded even in the mightiest of storms and gave me strength during an incident I had at my school. Even anchors wear out after carrying all that weight, but my mother still keeps me strong despite the fatigue, because she loves me. […] I wanted to honor my mother, who would go as far as to capture the moon for me if it was my heart’s greatest desire.”

The Warmth of A Friend

“My submission is a watercolor and colored pencil mixed media painting depicting two friends on a couch with a cat. One friend comforts the other, showing my anchor, which is my friends and loved ones who will always be there to anchor you when the waters get rough. I decided to use a warmer color palette to show the warmth that your friends and loved ones can bring into your life when things seem cold and bleak.”

The Feeling of Music

“My drawing is about how a person’s stress or anxiety can disappear with their anchor – in this case the anchor [of] music. With music, people can go into their own world and forget about their problems and stress. […] Music also helps me get away from the world and motivates me to get through a bad day.”

My Madre

“An anchor to me is someone that provides stability in the tides of life. I chose my grandmother as my anchor because she motivated me to grow into the person I am today. […] I really want my grandma to be proud of me.”

My Protector

“My piece is a representation of my anchor in life – my pets. Life can be stressful at times, but the simple presence of an animal is immediately calming; it’s why people have therapy pets and why dogs are brought to hospitals to cheer people up. When life gets hard, sometimes the best thing you can do is look into the eyes of something that’ll always support you [and] always love you, no matter what.”