Reach Out

My animation, “Reach Out”, is about a person reaching out to another person who is in a dark place due to stresses and anxieties, and brings them into the light and good of the world. I drew this animation because one thing I want to see more of in the world is people reaching out to others just checking if their okay. As humans, it is our nature to just stay centered around ourselves, but in reality we need each other to make things work, and one way we can help others is just by checking in on others, and asking them if they are okay.

You’re Not Alone

Millions of teens, including many at our own school, struggle with their mental health and we want to tell them that they are not alone. With this video, we want to rid the stigma that surrounds mental health problems, and let them know that they are entitled to all the support they can get. The monthly prompt was taking action for mental health, so we showed a few actions that individuals can do, and listed additional resources to support them.

I’ll always be here

The red-haired character picks up on her friend’s anxious and stressed body language. because of this, she gently confronts her friend about the tension she has noticed. She even offers talking online as a more comfortable approach to talking about her stress. The two talk online and discuss the purple-haired girl’s stress cause, and how she can be helped. In the end, she is much less stressed, because her friend gave her resources to call when she needs (hotlines), a playlist to listen to, and healthy coping methods, as well as listening to her. This applies to the “check-in-chat” theme, because the friend notices tension, brings it up and talks to her+gives her ways to deal with stress.

You Matter

My entry is a poem that talks about the struggles of going through any rough part in someone’s life. It serves as a reminder to those who need it that they matter and that their voices are heard and struggles aren’t ignored. Near the end, I focus on how anyone could do their part to help and spread kindness.

Unacknowledged Genocides

I drew a digital news article which discusses the bad treatment Palestinians are facing. For the main “article” art piece I drew the Palestinian flag, with the keffiyeh pattern, which is worn by many people showing their support for Palestine, and a child hurling a stone with a slingshot, which shows that children are trying to protect their country against soldiers and tanks that threaten them, inside the silhouette of the country Palestine. I also included some writing explaining some horrific events that have occurred in Palestine.
I included an “advertisement” which has the Uyghur flag behind a woman wearing a mask that has China’s flag as a hand covering the mouth, the Uyghur flag signifying how China is oppressing and capturing the Uyghur people. The Chinese government even went as far as saying that they want to “nip terrorist activities in the bud” (China’s Repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang). Not only is this Islamophobia, but what they are doing is a terroristic act because they have committed the genocide of many Uyghurs.

Living better!

This entry is based on many solutions available for people who want to take care of the planet. Every time we follow one of these, we have the ability to change our planet. Even though it’s not ALL 8 billion people, one person caring for the planet is better than none.


For this project, I used acrylic paint and water to paint a recently hatched butterfly and its chrysalis. The butterfly has a rainbow pattern to represent the rainbow LGBTQ flag. The chrysalis represents the proverbial and literal closets that so many LGBTQ people are forced to hide in. Butterflies represent hope, so this project represents my hope that LGBTQ people will be able to come out of the closet and be accepted in the future.

Opioids Use Directing Change Digital Art

My art piece represents the reality of how easily opioids can be disguised as pills letting viewers know how it’s easier to hide dangerous substances within something that seems harmless. However, now pills have become more and more common to become a way for teens to get high, but little do teens know it is dangerous to take medication from a non-medical professional. Which leads to many overdosing or trying to harm themselves to escape from their problems. It is not worth it. The duct tape represents the prevention which is to not consume anything that hasn’t been handled in a safe manner or prescribed by a medical professional. The purpose of this art piece is to give a visual representation of how opioids can fit into a normal scene, and the prevention is to not consume the pill.

You’ll Help Me Carry On

My submission represents how as an Asian American it can sometimes be hard when you hear about all the Asian hate going around. This photo shows how even when the world seems dark, I know that there is always someone who will stand with me.