Earth Day

Our Effect on the Environment

I chose this category because I wanted to share to people that earth is our only home and that we really need to help our planet and its environment if we want to continue on as a species.

5 Easy Ways You Can Save The Earth

We chose this category because we care about the environment and have witnessed the effects a dirty environment can have on people, animals, and all other ecosystems. We have also wanted to learn more about changes we can make without completely altering our lives or spending money we don’t have.

Living better!

This entry is based on many solutions available for people who want to take care of the planet. Every time we follow one of these, we have the ability to change our planet. Even though it’s not ALL 8 billion people, one person caring for the planet is better than none.

Our Responsibility to the Earth

In this entry, I wanted to discuss how we can best take care of the earth and how our planet is our biggest responsibility. I chose this category because I’m concerned about the welfare of not only the people and animals on Earth, but the planet herself. I feel we’ve hurt her too much and it might be too late to clean up our acts if we don’t start soon.

Reusable Bags

After reflecting upon actions that can be made by young people to better the environment, I thought that reusable bags would be a unique concept to highlight. In this day and age, there is so much plastic everywhere and for the most part, plastic bags are an example of this. I feel that instead of getting plastic bags from your grocery store every single time you go, instead, we should all use reusable bags to help reduce plastic waste. I wanted to emphasize this in my painting by showing a reusable bag being used rather than a plastic bag. This change is a small leap that will create a big change for the environment.

You Can Help Monarchs Too

I made my poster to share how we can help monarch butterflies and why helping them is important. They are a part of the planet and environment, so they should also be helped through Earth day. My poster included giving away seeds for people at my school to plant to support the butterflies. I made the poster to show how everyone can help the monarchs!

A Warning from 1000 years in the future

The future is in our hands when the earth has become a disaster because no one cared. A survivor sends a message back to 2023 with the hope that the person receiving it could set in motion a plan to change the future.

Corroding Coral

To the viewers of my artwork, I’d like for everyone to take a first glance, and see a coral reef. Then, I want the viewers to look closer, and see that there’s cardboard and paper and plastic integrated into the painting. This piece was designed to draw attention to the fact that garbage does not belong in the oceans, and even if you don’t see it at first, it is there. My goal is for viewers to enjoy my piece as an aesthetic, but to also gain a new awareness of the sheer amount of trash in our oceans. We must hold ourselves and everyone around us accountable for ocean pollution, because regardless of our age, we are the only ones with the power to stop it.