Standing Calavera

 “My entry shows grey thunder clouds as the bully that says negative comments about traditional Mexican culture. The Calavera symbolizes that even though someone can strike us like thunder with their hateful words, we will still be proud of our culture and keep practicing it. Our culture is beautiful, and others do not understand what it means for us. As a young boy, my siblings and I would practice traditional Mexican dancing. When we would put on our traditional makeup and outfits, we get looks and comments like what I included in my entry.”

The pandemic does affect Asians

My entry is about racism against people of color, what asians have to go through, and how non colored people have a better privilege than people of color.

Real Life Hero’s

Heroes don’t always look like Superman, Wonder Woman, or Iron Man, they can work in hospitals, fire departments, or even classrooms. With all the negativity around the world, we all deserve a hero. We need someone to give us inspiration and hope. Whoever your hero might be, whether it’s your mom, dad, or someone who you look up to, they are there to protect us from real-life evil and dangers. All heroes have one thing in common, they give us hope by making it known that they will overpower evil with their good hearts and kindness.

Pandemic Hope

I decided to do this because it shows how this pandemic has hit everyone hard, but we will get through it.

No Justice No Peace

I personally chose this category to spread awareness for those who have to feel the things that they are feeling right now, and just to show that if POC don’t get justice, we as a supporter and/or members of the community, will not stay quiet.