Cannabis Decoded

The Jellyfish Theory

I decided to talk about addiction to marijuana. I think this is an important topic that not many like to talk about because there is a lot of misinformation about CBD and the use of marijuana. I wrote about my point of view and my story in relation to this topic. I feel strongly about this topic in relation to your mental health. I feel that my voice should be heard and my hope is that this helps others by reading my poem.

“Burned Out”

“Burned Out” tells the story of two childhood friends, one healthy and happy, and the other under the influence of cannabis. Their relationship used to be filled with trust, good health, and love. Things changed when one made positive decisions about her life, and the other succumbed to peer pressure and started using weed. Under-aged cannabis use literally “Burned Out” her ability to keep and maintain relationships with her closest friends and family. Her physical and mental health declined, and her grades dropped drastically. While her childhood friend continued to thrive, the other began to disappear.

This is a reality in middle and high schools. Good friends make different choices, and those choices can tear them apart. Weed can burn away a person’s ability to think clearly, and can negatively impact the user’s health and future. It’s difficult as a friend to see this happening and not be able to help. If this is you, and you are the healthy friend, never give up on the other person, and never give up HOPE that they can return to their original self. Showing this through art was a challenge at first, but after making the decision to literally burn the paper, the message became clear.


Cannabis is often used to relief anxiety and paranoia, but many people gain new anxiety when using it. Marijuana is used as a coping mechanism for many people. Being able to find a new safe space is a big step from coming away from marijuana. A lot of people use it for recreational purposes and it causes more harm than good for them. Finding new activities to distract yourself, like music, can help move away from this habit.