Dear Best Friend

The intent of our film is to remind people that we should be aware of suicide along with the feelings of others. We hope our film is able to convey a lack of awareness about how other people may be feeling. Some people may be feeling alone and show signs of depression but others may see it as miss behaving.

You Aren’t Alone

I chose this category because I’ve seen many of my loved ones struggle with their mental health, and some even lose their battle against it. My sister has never been one to open up and talk to people about her issues, and that eats her up inside. Doing research and digging into more details about this matter has helped me learn how to carefully approach people like my sister, and get them to open up about it a little bit.

Reaching Out

Our leadership class is focusing on our annual Acts of Kindness unit. With the start of our NAMI on Campus club, we chose to create a few short films we could use to help students know that they are not alone.

The World Is Better With You In It

Arianna and Aileen are aware of many suicidal ideations. They wanted to share the message that even if sometimes we are in a dark place, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can overcome any issue when you feel lost. Speaking out and accepting support will lead you to a positive life and can change your future. The willingness of being open to sharing so others can listen can do so much. The world is better with you in it and we want you to know everyone matters.