Talk to me

After losing her father, a youth struggles with thoughts of suicide, so her girlfriend offers resources and support.

Their Room

A 3d animation that takes place in one room, where narrator asks their friend directly if they are thinking of suicide.

Out to Sea

An animated film that explores the parallels between sailing into a storm and the warning signs of suicide.

Find the Words

This short is a brief reflection of my own experience in which my best friend found the words. I aimed to provide the three basic action steps someone could remember in a situation where they are concerned about someone they know. Although I wish I could have gotten more creative with my scenes, I did my best with the time allotment of 30 seconds.

Reach Out

Our film is an animated short focused on reaching out to loved ones who may be suffering with depression or suicidal thoughts. It focuses on a boy in emotional pain, and he exhibits many signs of somebody with suicidal thoughts. His friend notices these signs in him and she decides to reach out in order to help him, giving him comforting words. Our group wanted to educate and assist those around us so we tried to create a video that was as helpful as possible to teenagers. While making the film, we ourselves learned about how to reach out to loved ones we are concerned about.

Audience of One

A protagonist, depressed at the hopelessness of their life, goes to his desk and tears out the pages of his life, his memories. Ultimately, though, his actions draw the sympathy of a dear friend of his, who reminds him that, even when everything seems terrible, every moment of his life means something.