A Fighting Chance

Living with mental illness can often feel like fighting through the fear, isolation and anxiety. Yet the filmmakers remind us we don’t have to fight this fight alone.

There is Hope

A friend breaks through to his troubled peer after persistently reaching out, “Just remember I’m always here for you.”


A boy with depression learns he’s not the only one struggling, so he shares his story to make others feel less alone.

Where Do I Belong

An inspiring film from the perspective of Ghanaian culture as told by a college student who experiences mental health challenges and finds strength and support from her family and deep rooted Ghanaian beliefs of unity.

Esperanza en Nuestra Corazon

Mental health challenges affect many people, from the young to the elderly. Your mental health is important, and there is HOPE. Hear from 8th grader Paola as she shares her struggle with mental health issues- and how she “Esperanza En Nuestro Corazón” found hope within her heart. You can do the same.