Visual Art

Baby Blue

I wish my parents understood the complexity of emotions and mental health in their children. It’s easy for parents to get caught up in the chaos of raising a family, but it’s essential to pause and acknowledge that children have very real emotions that shouldn’t be overlooked just because they’re young.


Silencing your child anytime they are trying to express something to you is a drastic setback for them; over time, it affects their capability to communicate and express their emotions to you. Don’t limit their voice and listen to them.

I tried

Being strapped down by the depression of my daily life interrupts everything I do. My worst fear is disappointing my parents and not being able to meet the most simple expectations. The hardest thing for me to tell my parents is that I TRIED to get up but couldn’t.

Inside The Box

Every day almost feels the same, especially when you are supposed to be a top student and feel obligated to get everything done perfectly. When I’m working endlessly until the day is over, my window serves as a reminder of how much I miss those days when I had time to go outside, go biking, and hang out with family instead of being in my room constantly.

The Sound of Thoughts

Music is abstract, similar to our lives. I think music helps reflect how we feel so we can work through how our emotions are holding us down. It’s also influences on how we feel so I think listening to music creates change small or big, I think it creates change within, it creates hope for something better.


My piece depicts how music can set the tone for our lives. The girl on the balcony lives in an environment devoid of color and creativity, but the music she’s listening to widens her horizons and allows her to see the potential in everything.

Safe Space

When things happen in our lives, sometimes we cope by listening to music and tuning out the chaos around us. It’s important to take moments for ourselves to calm down, reflect, and think clearly. To me and many others, music is a way to accomplish that. […] I made this art piece in order to thank music for getting me through tough times.

Music and Mental Health

I play the violin and it helps me with my mental health. In my drawing, the girl wears her headphones to listen to music, because she is stressed. […] When I draw, I wear my headphones, close my eyes, and use my imagination to start my “magic” — that’s what I call my art

Music and My Mood

Music impacts my mental health positively, especially when I am feeling down. I can relate to lyrics and feel understood when I listen to a song. Music guides me through difficult times and leaves me feeling more positive

Musical Connection

Music can connect people or make us feel connected to others. Music can lift spirits, give us energy, and touch our souls, which in turn improves our mental health. My dad often sings a specific Chinese song from his childhood, whose title translates to “Spring in the North.” […] The song essentially talks about how spring is fleeting, arriving and then leaving quickly. […] This prompt immediately reminded me of my dad, and I have always connected with him through music because he loves to sing.