98.8 – Important Message

We made a PSA in the way you might see two radio show hosts quickly do between songs. We wanted to talk about this important topic but also wanted to say our message in an upbeat fashion to give hope to people who are listening.

You Aren’t a Bother

A radio PSA announcing how the listener isn’t a bother and if they need help to reach out

You’re Not A Bother

Teenagers are often faced with negative thoughts. These thoughts totally engulf a teenager’s mind which impacts them in some of the worst ways possible. It’s hard to talk about emotions for a plethora of reasons; not understanding them, not wanting to appear weak, and not wanting to bother others. Reassurance, safe spaces, and support are what teenagers need to better their mental health. They should know that they always have help and asking for it will bother no one.

You Are Not a Bother

A conversation of two friends and one is comforting the other and telling them resources to further help them.

What I Wish Parents and Other Adults knew

My submission is about how I wish parents and other adults would listen to us students and children, not to say that they don’t listen but that they don’t hear us. I want this to be fixed and I want adults to hear my message and think about how they often ignore our feelings because they are scared.

DJ Cali Cat Radio PSA

I made a PSA that a radio show host might make in between two songs. I wanted to make it quick and lighthearted but still informational. The specific problems I talked about are things that I sometimes see parents do, but I think everyone could do this a little bit more.