Monthly Prompt

May 2024 Snap, Filter & Swipe

This entry is made by one our youths from the Eastern African Community of San Diego. In the Video they, the youth member portrays what it’s like to view oneself from a negative view based of the today’s social media standards. However, the Youth in the video switches scripts and starts providing positive affirmation and focuses on social media from a positive lens.

Mental Health Matters

This piece supports people asking for help and also reminds people that they are brave for asking for help.

Social Media Self Care

To feel good about social media usage, we need to be the change we want to see. Using simple guidelines can help us focus on the good, be a positive influence, and help us and others stay mentally healthy.

Don’t Let a Fake Reality Become Your Real

Sometimes the things you see might not always be true. You shouldn’t compare yourself to people that might have a ‘perfect’ body or life. You have no idea what someone is going through.

Digital Utopia

My poem is about a digital utopia, a world where social media is perfect – built on common values of honesty, trust, patience, safety, and love.

Filtered Realities

I was once deeply affected by my appearance and often used filters to try and hide what I looked like. Now, I have come to accept myself for who I am, and I choose to not use filters anymore. I allow everyone to see who I am, and I am proud to show my true self

Lost in the Screen

This piece shows just how much we are invested in our screens. The fish in the bowl represents how people have small attention spans from social media. The skeleton represents how hollow one might become when being too invested in their phone, not able to pay attention to their surroundings.

End the Stigma

I tried to inspire a social media trend that focuses more on sharing our mental health and less on looks. The purpose of the trend is to encourage others to share in a comfortable way, ending the stigma of talking about mental health. […] People tend to keep up with appearances and care excessively for their reputations on social media. Rarely do we reveal our innermost thoughts, especially when those thoughts revolve around mental health.

Trapped in the Digital Cage

While social media may create a sense of connection, it can also be a source of isolation, distraction, and false perceptions of reality. The different emojis, likes, and numbers surrounding the person suggest that social media focuses too much on superficial interactions and metrics, rather than genuine human connections. […] Social media can contribute to feelings of comparison and low self-esteem.