Dear Me

I choose this category because I wanted to reflect on the future.

Dear Me… In 10 Years

My entry is about me,10 years from now. I want it to show how much someone can change, and has goals to change. I chose this category because it shows how many dreams and goals I have for myself in the future.

Dear Darren

My entry is a letter to myself in the future, describing the events that I have gone through in the past year. It encourages my future self to reaffirm to values that I learned in the present, and discusses the role of mental health in our lives.

Dear Me in 5 Years

My entry talks about my goals for the next five years during high school and my first year of college. It focuses on the things I want to learn and overcome in order to grow as a person.

Dear Future Me

I chose the monthly prompt because I felt I could express my heart and my soul in words on the page, and be something that I would want to look back upon after graduating from high school to see how far I had come and if my dreams had changed. I also felt that this was a great way to honor my teacher who has had been a huge inspiration to me and taught me a great deal about myself and teaching.

Awareness Break

I chose this category because it really connects to me since I can get easily stressed. Writing a letter to my future self really allowed to me understand that there are many different ways on taking care of my mental health. To this day, I still practice the mental health tips to help take care of my mental health.

Dear future me

My piece is a letter to my future self. I chose this prompt to self reflect.

Be Just

I chose this category because I felt that there was so much injustice in our world. I decided to make a social media post, sharing a few bullet points on how to be just in our lives.

I know

I chose this category since I want my future self to have hope in themselves, to have goals, ambitions, to continue doing or strive for the things I enjoy or make me happy. As a result of writing this poem, I’m again reminded of who I want to become, and I feel more at peace with self-reassurance.

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea’ depicts how one can carry the weight of being cast out in society. However, sometimes all you need is a little push from yourself to realize that society does not define who you are, and the first step to being accepted in society is to accept yourself. Incorporating the past, present, and future in this work is meant to show people that who you were before and who you are now do not define the good you will give and receive in the future.