The filmmaker shared, “This tells a story of someone who is struggling with depression and hiding it away from their friends and family. The blanket in which they are wearing over their head symbolizes the façade that they present to others. Overwhelmed and distraught, our character finds their friend prepared to be a shoulder to cry on. Helping them stitch their wounds, or metaphorically sew them back together. “

Get Help

A window into the thoughts of a youth experiencing overwhelming stress. After talking with a friend who says that it takes courage to get help, she sees a school counselor who helps her manage her stress.


A youth displays warning signs of suicide, including anger and isolation, so a friend steps in to provide the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and offers to connect him with a trusted adult.

The Gifts You Can Give

A film about mental health during the holidays and the expectation to appear happy to others. A youth opens up to a close friend about about her experience with depression and realizes that she needs support.

We’ve Never Been Closer

A youth reflects on how he realized his friend needed help and discusses his decision to reach out to his friend’s mom about his concerns.

A Night Out

The filmmakers shared, “Kate challenges her social anxiety and joins a friend for dinner after being inspired by a social media video she came across. Our video inspires viewers to take action by stepping out of their comfort zone and challenging intrusive thoughts.”

Life in Time Lapse

A youth opens up about struggles at home, and her friend empathizes with her situation and suggests seeing a school counselor, as it’s helped her in the past.

1st Generation

A youth feels pressure from his family to succeed, but a friend helps him feel empowered and connects him with a trusted adult.

Dear Lee

This film “looks at the challenges of Mental Health from an LGBTQ+ perspective. [The character] Lee faces struggles and is advised by a friend to attend a GSA meeting where he can make new friends and find comfort.”

Our shoes

Four students talk about what it feels like to “walk in their shoes” in this film, which offers a message that help is always available.