Annual Contest


A character with a wilting flower walks the audience through signs of suicide and is offered a “petal” of help from a friend.

A Fighting Chance

Living with mental illness can often feel like fighting through the fear, isolation and anxiety. Yet the filmmakers remind us we don’t have to fight this fight alone.

There is Hope

A friend breaks through to his troubled peer after persistently reaching out, “Just remember I’m always here for you.”


A young women who feels pressure to live up to expectations is scared to tell others about her mental illness but her fears are allayed when she is met with understanding and support by family and friends.

The Awakening

Filmmakers encourage the audience to ask for help “you may be feeling sad, used, cheated, angry” and much more but you are not alone.

Speak Up

By showing a student struggling get through his day while physically injured, filmmakers make apparent that ailing physical health is impossible to ignore and that the same should go for our mental health.

Word Have Power

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind they can change the world.”

Del Barrio

A boy struggles with lack of family support and connection until he finds SaMente and is able to find the right path.

I Am Me

Filmmakers remind their audience there is more to a person than the depression or anxiety they may experience. Many facets make up an individual we are not defined by one thing alone.