A Stance of Justice

I an an Indian and I feel a social and emotional struggle while trying to balance 2 different lifestyles/ethnicities and how society portrays me and how that can affect me.

Restore Her

This entire entry is based on climate change and global warming. Now we are reaching points where we are worsening the amount of carbon in our air by deforestation, we are ruining animals habitats such as the polar bears in the arctic, and weather patterns just keep on getting more and more unpredictable. I portray our earth in all her glory, plants and flowers adorning her hair. Water and our oceans that make up her skin. Although her face is cracked off, we have the part of the earth we still have yet to save and then the part we have lost to our own selfishness.

My Body, Your Choice

I wanted to make a piece focusing on the recent events of the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court. I wanted to make a piece as a reminder of why this is so dangerous and affects every woman in the US and to also remind people that these laws on women’s bodies are made by people who don’t take into consideration the difficult decisions women sometimes have to make and may have no experience with having a reproductive system.


This paint reflects what my mind was going through while I was sick.

What Gives Me Hope?

The bubble with words provides what gives that person hope to move forward. No matter how hard life got, those were their inspiration to keep going. The door represents the future and the good it will hold.

Angry monument

I allow myself to display my anger through my art. I remind myself I am more than a mental illness by telling myself I am creative, artistic and inventive. I have been learning how to cope with my mental illness by creating beautiful things through my artwork.


Love is being held by trees, hoping to rise above everything else. Despite the pain there is still a sky.

Hiking for Hope

I made visual art to encourage young people to find hope by being outside in nature. Whenever I feel stressed or in a challenging time, being in nature can help give me hope. Hiking is not only good exercise but also good for your mental health.

Hands of Hope

Our entry is a painting with a quote about hope on it. We wanted to show that people can help others find hope instead of just showing ways of how to find hope. We felt that helping others can also help give yourself hope too.

Let them be your light.

Personally, I really struggled with my mental health for awhile. But ‘they’ were always there. They were my light. My guide. They helped me out of that hole, that darkness, no matter how much I pushed them away. I didn’t want them to be my light. I didn’t want a ‘they.’ But they never left. They stayed. They returned, and they worked harder than before. My ‘they’ were my light. My guide. My hope.