Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

The poem provides ideas and insight on ways you can find hope in dark times. It advises readers to never stop searching for hope and that the reader is not alone.

You have value, there is always hope

A student cries out for help at school, as the stress of life proves to be overwhelming just as it feels hopeless to continue, a NAMI activist showcases a helping hand, as everyone has someone to help them, and provide hope for brighter days.


My entry is a poem about what I am grateful for.

Thinking of you

I choose this category because i have stress and even sometimes feel sad i want to bring awareness to such a topic like this.

The Need for Lady Justice

In this piece I wanted to depict Lady Justice “looking” upon earth. Since Lady Justice is an important symbol used across the earth, I wanted to illustrate the aura of fairness, opportunity and justice that she exhibits. As people fight for justice across the world they look towards the symbol of Lady Liberty in their fight and I feel as though this is an important concept that deserves to be showcased.

Time to Move On (TMO)

This entry is an original song created as a collaborative effort. The song looks to motivate others to tap into their strengths and supports to overcome the obstacles of our life experience.
Listen here

Sy(STEM)ic Sexism- Rosalind Franklin

My entry follows the situation of Rosalind Franklin, a popular instance of the Matilda effect.

Rosalind Franklin was a woman who made exceptional contributions to the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA. Her utilization of X-ray crystallography was arguably the most important key regarding the discovery, however, it wasn’t until recently that her name became widespread.


I put a lot of effort and thought process into this piece because it honestly meant a lot to me especially when I was going through a lot of things and only had myself to go too. I have learned that I am not alone and which caused my mental health to get better and better when I learned to talk it out with the right people that’s why this piece meant a lot to me and why I put so much effort into it because I know I’m not the only one who struggles with their mental health.

Hope Flows

The entry is a visual representation of how hope can flow from pain to create even more love.